I love a girl who has a boyfriend, what should I do?

Me and the girl hang out way more than she does with her boyfriend and he doesn't mind at all. He is really nice but I really love her. It seems like she wants me to be her boyfriends best friend too which is weird.


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  • Cut all ties with her. She apparently loves her boyfriend if she wants you to be his best friend, and her boyfriend loves her too for trusting her that much and caring about her spending time with her friends.
    So please don't ruin their relationship. Move on, you'll eventually find someone

    • But she would be angry with me. I work at the same place and see her all the time and she phones me everyday. She gets angry already if I don't meet with her enough

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    • @Q-tip-boy cool thanks both, I'll try to take the advice and get past this

    • Best of luck

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  • Stop hanging out with her , stop being around her stop talking with her.

    Are you that kind of a man who eyes someone's girl? You betta stay away buddy.

    I love the moon and the stars. i love the mountain. It looks so good from far away, but when i tried to climb the mountain, i broke one of my legs.

    Think about the girl! Do you deserve her? Are you worthy of what you want? Would you be able to keep her happy? Would she be more happier with somebody other than you?

    Stay away!

    • I can't stop thinking about her and I love her and she calls me all the time and wants to hang out all the time. It's hard to leave it but yeah I don't want to be around someone else's girl. She's really nice though 😭

    • Engage yourselves with other things other than just thinking about her. Something like watching cartoons , youtube videos that you like, etc. Somehow Keep your mind busy.

      She want to hang out talk the time. Tell her straight that you have got many things to do and not just talk with her.
      Ask her to hang out with her boyfriend instead of you. You can start by just asking her questions about her boyfriend... Make her think that she has a boyfriend... Or simply ask her if her boyfriend is okk with you being around her. Ask her if her boyfriend is not envious? Tell her that her boyfriend should be possessive of her, as a sign of love. You can help
      Her with her relationship if you want...

      Or otherwise if you're selfish, stay awsy dont interrupt.. Be quiet and see what happens

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  • She just wants another friend. You'll just break your own heart. You need to find a single girl and forget her.

    • Yeah you could be right :/

  • I’m afraid there isn’t really anything you can do until they possibly break up themselves.

    • So just be friends or stay away?

    • Oh no still be friends just don’t try and do anything like hit on her or whatever.

    • Yeah ok, thanks

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