boyfriend texts the new girl every day?

I did some stalking so I know my boyfriend talks with a girl every night including weekends, he just knew the girl 2 weeks ago. he may check on me once per day but short text, several times I noticed when he messaged me , the girl got online around that time too. So he prolly tells the same thing to her that he told to me, which is about what he did on that day.
he told me he went to his guy friends home but wouldn't say she was there too and I knew it from a common friends.
First my stalking behavior is worrisome , second him doing this freaks me out , maybe the new grass is greener? I don't know what to do


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  • Could be just a friendly chat. Don’t immediately worry about this. If it truly eats you alive, you should ask your boyfriend about who she is.

    • he and I also started with messaging every day and I know he isn't into texting people for a long time
      thats why I was worried , but I figured, if there is not that girl , there might be some other girl , if our relationship isn't working then it's the problem between us
      So I decide to unfollow them on social media and focus on myself

    • That would be a good idea. If it makes you happy in the long run, that’s what you should do.

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