Girls, Girls would you date a guy that has kids with 3 different women and never married any of them?

Is this a red flag? Has anyone had a successful relationship/marriage with a man that has kids with several different women?


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  • My fiance has 2 kids with 2 different baby moms.. I dont see it as a red flag because of the reasons they broke up, it wasn't his fault, it was bc of the girls and even they admit it. They even tell me they wish they wouldve held on to him and that I'm lucky to have him.
    I now have a kid with him too and we are engaged, he proposed to me. Never proposed to the other two so in my opinion so far, our relationship is successful.

  • No! Big red flag! Avoid at all costs. If he cannot really value his kids, how can he value me?

    • Just because he's not with the baby moms doesn't always mean he doesn't value his kids..
      People leave relationship for good reasons sometimes. And most times the father isn't able to get custody of their kids bc the court usually chooses the mother.
      There are good guys out there.

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  • Nah, I'd avoid that for sure!


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