How do I learn to enjoy being rejected?

When i get rejected i take it with grace, but internally it still hurts, i dnn't show it though. But apparently that's not good enough, how do i learn to be happy about being rejected, because feeling bad means im insecure and girls don't like insecure guys even if the guy doesn't show it.


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  • Nobody likes being rejected, so you can’t learn to enjoy it. What you can learn, is to stop thinking that feeling bad means you’re insecure and therefore girls wouldn’t like you. Rejection is rejection. It’s not the end of the world! There are still plenty of people left who might not reject you.

    • Byt facts don't really matter, if im not insecure, but a girls think i am, it's just as bad.

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    • no the problem is that your showing me evidence that looks matter before personality then you refuse to admit it. But if your gonna be sarcastic and make fun of me because i don't' have a relationship, you win. I don't have a girlfriend, I'm alone, I'm a loser and i believe it. I guess that's all this really comes down to, it doesn't matter if im right or wrong, at the end of the day I'm alone.

    • Sorry.

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  • Change your perspective. Rather than view it as "I am not good enough", look at it for what it actually is, a mismatch. There are 157 million of women in the world. So even if the odds are low, like one million women that are matches, you have to weed through 157 women to find that one match.

    • Isn't that arrogant to think that it's their fault not mine?

    • It is nobodies fault. That is the point. They did nothing wrong, you did nothing wrong, it just is a mismatch. Plain and simple.

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  • One idea is to get so busy you have no time to dwell upon it.

    • I do that...

    • Or so busy you have no time to bother with bitchy, rejecting women. Or seek rejections online since they are in the privacy of your own home and not where others are present.

  • I don't think that is possible unless you're an emotional masochist.


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