Age old question. Why hasn't he called?!?

This guy I know from the gym (he was my trainer for a short period of time) text me last friday. Long story short, he was flirting with me, by the end of the text convo, he asked me over to his place to cook me dinner this weekend. I told him to call me later in the week (ei. yesterday or today) and we'll set it up. It's now 6pm on Friday and I haven't heard from him. I don't understand why he would pursue me if he had no intention of going through with it?


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  • Maybe he wanted a more definate answer from you. You may of gave him the impression you are not really all that interested in him. Some guys will take it that way to avoid rejection. Another possibility is he is playing it cool not to seem overly into you in fear of scaring you off. He maybe just busy with stuff too or in the mean time has asked another girl out.

    • Part of me wants to text him and ask him if he forgot about me, haha. The other part wants to leave it alone and not let him know I even noticed he never called. I just feel what's the point in torturing myself with the unknown. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea to text him? Being cool and confident is so hard, haha.

    • Text him mid next week. Try not to focus on it too much so you will not put unnecessary presure or thoughts in your head. Good luck :) I think it will turn out fine.

  • cuz he's more intrested in meh


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