For real, have I already fucked up? she say, “I just want someone to tell me "you were never second best” what can I say to flirt, ask her on date?

She posted that on social media.
What could I say to tell her I think she’s special?

My history with her?

I sister zoned her originally. I didn’t mean to but I stood up up, in 2017 I argued with her over something unnecessary. I did message her this month but she told me she isn’t interested in talking.

I haven’t spent time with her in person at all.
We both live in England.

Is there any chance I have to ask her to hang out?

I’m not proud of what happened between me and her by the way. I kind of wish I could make it up to her but taking her somewhere nice, treating her good and telling her I’m sorry in person for what happened.


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  • She's referring to a quote from the movie 'To All The Boys I've Loved' - It's new on Netflix, search it up and you'll get it. It might not be about you in particular but just in general so good luck if you still wanna message her or something though!

    • I’m so dumb 🙈

    • Ahaha no you're not, it's fine, lots of girls sometimes post all this quotesy stuff so it's fair that you thought it might be referencing you. You'll be okay!

    • I think she rejected me ☺️

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