Why is he acting that way?

This guy and I have liked eachother for quite a while now and we used to talk every single day all the time. Out of nowhere, he became a bit distant and now we don’t really talk all, and when we do, I’m usually the one to reach out to him first. Our conversations went from being lengthy to dry and short. Things just aren’t the same, and at this point I don’t know if I should try to talk to other guys or just give him space and wait for him. A few weeks ago he got jealous of a guy who jokingly called me “his” and he got really mad and hurt by it and it took a lot of convincing for him to believe that I wasn’t talking to other guys. He knows I like him, and today he told my friend he likes me back but it’s that he doesn’t like showing his feelings. He acts like he doesn’t care, and now I honestly have no idea what to do because if he’s gonna keep acting this way I can’t wait for him forever and I don’t want to look stupid trying for a guy who doesn’t try back anymore.


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  • Not sure of himself. Maybe ask him when he is going to ask you out.

  • Kinda like a guy looking stupid when all his advances are turned down. Even when trying to help her put she drove past me
    Totally ignoring me.


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