I'm starting to think this girl i'm talking to is losing interest in me but i'm really unsure about the whole thing?

Basically, the 13th August I matched with a girl. The conversation was awesome, we had a fun talk and was replying to each other within good time, it was really good and within hours I got her number. She asked me if i had instagram (I didn't but I do now) and I told her no but I have whatsapp. After that we spoke on whatsapp, but then it started to get a bit slow. She would only reply a few times a day and the conversation got a bit dry. I got instagram and followed her and we began chatting again. From the 21st, on instagram it was really good just like it was on tinder, fast replies, engrossing topics we discussed and just really fun to chat. Since the 24th she hasn't been replying as much as she previously did and it has been really confusing me as to why the sudden change. Since the 24th we have only exchanged a few messages and she replied to them hours apart.

I have asked her twice does she want to meet up and she said first time she'll have a think and doesn't know me enough yet (this was on whatsapp before I got instagram and talked a lot more and learnt more about each other), and the second time was recently if she wanted to see a movie we both really want to see, and she said she appreciates the offer but she is busy and is unsure about her upcoming plans about college starting soon but she'll have a think.

She told me she has bad social anxiety because I asked if I could call her at a convenient time that suits her so I'm stuck thinking is she really shy about meeting people and is not up for it yet and is she just generally shy. Is she not replying as I've brought up the question of wanting to meet up and it has pressured her, in which I told her i'm not giving her unnecessary pressure, I was just wondering if she wanted to meet up. I have not been continuously sending her message after message as I know that is a bad thing to do as neediness will just annoy anyone, I reply to her message and wait for her reply.

Any answers I appreciate thank you.


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