Why is this girl sending out mixed messages?

So I've known this girl for 8 months. We never started out as friends. She was all over me and into me from the beginning. We went out a lot together, such as lunches, dinners, bars etc. we also went food shopping once a week together. We had sex and messed around quite often.

She would always show affection towards me. She even told me she liked me to my face on multiple occasions. She went away to study abroad for a month. When she came back we got lunch and dinner. I asked her out to be my girlfriend and she told me she could only offer her pure friendship right now, and that she wants to be alone. She also mentioned that she sees me more as a friend. Which is odd because 2 weeks earlier when she was abroad she texted me saying she wants me...

Anyways. Fast foward a week from her telling me this. she's been texting me non stop. Saying good night to me and stuff and being flirty. We even hung out in person and she was getting really close to me and kept rubbing her body against mine and laughing at everything i said.

She invited me out for her birthday and she told me her she invited her friends too. So I went. I sat next to her and she kept leaning into me and touching me. Even feeding me her food with her fork. Also when I left we just hugged and kissed on the cheek but she held on a little longer. Its just all very confusing.

Also just a little more detail. she's 21 and told me from the beginning that she's not as sexual as most girls. She lost her virginity at 19. She doesn't give oral and is pretty inexperienced. She told me after i asked her out that she doesn't do friends with benefits...


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  • Because she is not telling the truth about some things. It is up to you to find out what.


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