I'm not desperate I swear?

I've been noticing all of my friends getting loads of male attention, I mean I get it to but I've been single for 2 years. I'm more reserved than my friends and I've been told I'm intimidating on occasion. And most of the guys who my friends get attention from and the greatest people in the world. Do I guys not like me or do I just have extremely high standards?
Can guys sense that I've never really done anything with anyone? Is that part of the problem?


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  • In cases like this a few things can be wrong:

    1) your friends are hotter than you
    2) you're friends might be spreading rumors about you (watch out)
    3) your friends might be giving sex easier and the boys talk about it in school

  • Something that is hard to attain will have fewer applicants even if the reward is great.

    • No it is not the problem that you have not done anything. The difference of opinion for an exp or inexp female is marginal although many men do not prefer a female with too much experience. As I said, if you project a rigorous course load to attain your love, you will receive few applicants. This is why people find ot easier to gamble and play powerball than study hard, and work hard and use their talents.

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