Is there anything else I can do so he sees me more then a friend?

Me and this guy are friends for over 4 years, at the beginning I used to have a crush on him and he had on me, with time he got over those feelings and moved on. We are still very close friends and like 6 months ago he started dating this girl that he said was just like me, and I should meet her because we were so alike we would be boyfriend. I never wanted to meet her because I still like him, this come and goes but every time we spend some time together I fell for him a bit more. I helped him in the relationship because he was happy and I wanted to see him happy. He broke up with her around 2 weeks now and he is very depressed about it, he is confessing on me everything, I still like him and hate to see him that way, I am trying to keep him with his head out of it but he is in a very bad shape. I know hitting on him it's not the best thing to do now, but is there anything I can do to make him like me again? He used to, plus he always says he thinks I am hot and cute, and he is very thankful for me just being there all the time for him.. Is there anything else I can do so he can look at me in a different way other than a friend?


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  • Help him through the sad times, and when he starts to act normal again, turn up the heat a little.

    You can start by making jokes about how there's just no replacing the original. Touch him in that harmless, but flirty way women do. If he seems confused, just lean in and tell him, plainly how you feel.

    Chances are, his face will go from confusion, to dawning, to recognition and finally to joy in all of about 2 seconds. Then kiss him.


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