Girls, Interpreting mixed signals?

I am trying to date a girl at work. She is a little higher up the ladder than me, but not in managing position over me. So has been difficult to read. Give my interactions with her, I think it is unlikely she hasn't realized I'm into her. This has not stopped her from being friendly at times. So I wanted to test the waters by getting her a small gift to see how she would react. She buys the coffee for our office and loves coffee her self, so I bought her a small bag of coffee from a local spot and told her the gift was to thank her for getting coffee for us all. She thanked me and I left her. Later that day I was walking into the office and she thanked me again with what I perceived as a pretty genuine smile and fond look in her eye. Two weeks late I asked her if she liked the coffee. She went out of her way to tell me how much she loved it. She then proceeded to tell me a couple things about her personal life. Like how her dad had been in the hospital. (Turned out to be nothing) I asked her a couple days later how her dad was doing and she told me the story and thanked me for asking. A week later I dropped by her desk and tried to make conversation, but she seemed less open to talking. She may have been busy and I do think she is taking a while to open up because she doesn't want people to gossip about us and since she is in management she wants to keep a professional demeanor. She may also fear how our employer will react to an office relationship. Maybe we're just Jim and Pam and are taking a long time to get together lol. There are plenty of other interactions we have had that I can't type out hear for space and other friends of mine seem to think there is some interest on her part. Any thoughts?


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  • I pretty muh agree with what you said about her wanting to keep everything professional and business and personal life separate, but, outside looking in, in terms of the relationship, it has a strong foundation.

    I think it's good that you're checking in on her every once in awhile because it shows you care about her (generally) and are making a conscious effort to learn more about her.

    I think if you continue the conversations and keep getting to know her, your relationship will get stronger and there will probably come a point where you can comfortably discuss the whole 'office relationship thing if you guys choose to do so.

    I think her opening up to you is also a good sign that she appreciates the time you take to talk to her and likes that you listen.

    You're doing fine man πŸ‘πŸ½ I'd say to keep doing what you're doing but take things slow (due to her worry about her position and the whole relationship thing) but take my advice with a grain of salt πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

    • Thanks for your post! Your support is encouraging.

  • First of all please never mention that office reference to her.

    Secondly, just ask her for coffee or dinner. Please.

    • First of all, I wasn't planning on making that office reference to her. Just something that I mentioned here. Secondly, I think I will go with anonuser0831's advice as it was more thought out and less condescending. Have a good evening. Please.

    • I sure will and am. You’re the one who seems to be having a stressful evening. ;)

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