Is it true that it's only creepy if you're ugly?

Is the statement true? In my experience it seems to be as any guy who is unattractive can be considered creepy by women for a seemingly endless list of reasons while a guy who is attractive can behave in a similar manner and women won't be turned off.
It would be foolish for me to even approach a woman because, I'm socially awkward and ugly so, I would instantly be rejected on the spot. The woman would take one look at me and would think "ewww no thanks" 😔


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  • Not wholly, but mostly yes you presume correctly. It is an inconstant standard where a female will make excuses for the perceived attractive male and loathe the perceived unattractive one. People in general also tend to label as creepy behavior they do not understand or is is irregular from the standard norm. Males with a neurological disorder such as variant degrees of autism, but particularly high functioning for example because most females would be unable to discern it.

    • Well either way, I have given up on ever having a romantic relationship with a woman due my looks and short stature as well as my social awkwardness and lack of social status due to being an outcast.

    • I consider myself to be an incel although, I have nothing to do with the ones on online forums

    • I fail to understand how requiring a better haircut and ordinary male physique makes you ugly. You are correct that your height would be an impediment, but it is one that can be overcome. Females surveyed stated that they penalize a lack of width more than height. This means even a narrow shouldered male can significantly improve his chances of success through lifting weights and increasing his upper body mass and taper which adds to a the illusion of width. Social awkwardness can be improved to a large degree through practice. Social standing always rests upon unfirm ground. There is an saying the crowd is fickle. Acquiring the approval of even some leadership will result in a shift in your social standing as the crowd follows its leaders. At 24, the best way to do this is to excel in a field of work or study.

  • What is creepy can be somewhat subjective but there are clear cases where creepy is universal and your looks won't make a difference.

    • Well, I worry about being creepy all the time also, I have been rejected by 12 women irl because of my looks and height so, I dont even bother anymore

    • It doesn't matter, I'm already too ugly so, I might as well let myself go and get fat

    • Also, I got zero matches on Tinder and Bumble and zero responses from women on Match Pof or Okcupid which basically confirms it for me

  • As someone who went from ugly to not so ugly anymore, I can confirm.


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