Should unattractive guys give up on dating?

I think its hopeless for us because in my experience women in their 20s and in general seem to primarily focus on a guys looks and then worry about his personality or intelligence second. I dont care about how a woman looks as, I am not shallow and honestly at best, I'm a 2/10 anyway and a true incel so, I would be incredibly lucky to find any women who would be attracted to me at all. The women around me who are my age expect the guy to be perfect while they are far from it themselves, dont believe me? Then try approaching women in their early to mid 20s and try online dating. The women our age want the guy to be over 6ft tall have dark hair, make at minimum 80k per year and have minor if no facial flaws, it seems like they expect to date guys that look like Channing Tatum and ignore or like to guys like me who look like quasimodo 😔.


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  • No. Who cares what other people think? That is not the majority and there is no way to know if most people think like that. I think you need to gain confidence.

    I was going to post some dating websites... but they might do more harm than good.

    • I have already tried those, I lack the looks and social status to succeed on those

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    • I'm almost positive that you haven't. I'm leaning towards the fact that you probably shouldn't.

    • What are they called?

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  • Based on the evidence based comments on celebrity heights and my observations of Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street, he is most likely not six feet tall bare footed, but slightly under. A salary of $80,000 U. S. is not difficult to acquire by the time you reach age 30, and I suggest you spend the majority of your time honing your core talents and career related skills. Perhaps you would have a higher success rate if you chose to find a partner from a non-Western culture.


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  • Don't give up- there is someone out there for everyone.

  • if you live in western countries yes , women aren't that nice there.

  • Yeah I agree. But guys are the same though.


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