How to get over someone while you are with them?


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  • Take lots of space and not communicate with them while you try to gain your power back. Doing self work helps a lot

    • I can’t do that, we were so close and he suddenly started to change and when I started to talk to him about it he made it seem like I’m exaggerating and that I’m not respecing his space but he still doesn’t wanna break up I don’t know what to do honestly I’m feeling like I’m loosing myself

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    • Its sounds emotionally abusive. I did the something similar to my partner. I wanted her to ask about my day and how things were bc I felt like she never did. She did sometimes but I made promises I couldn't fulfill. I got complacent and lost my drive to continue self work. You are strong and it's not your fault he changed. Sometimes it takes space to realize how much u love someone and took them for granted. I spoke to her every day and hung out with her 4-5 times a week and that's only bc she lives about 40min away. Once I realized that I didn't want to continue I found myself in a weird position bc I felt attached and I didn't have the strength to just break it off. I began communicating what I wanted and how I really felt about things. We argued more and more and I used that opportunity to take space. I wish I could really help you I hope it goes well for you

    • It’s the worst thing ever, especially from someone who used to be to make you feel loved and safe on a daily basis, I wish there’s something I can do to forget the pain i have to live with it everyday wondering where is he what is he doing and not be able to ask him so he won’t get mad or think that im not trusting him it’s so conplicated to even write about it

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