My friend/trainer and I both like the same girl, any advice?

Ok so i recently became friends with a fellow I met at the gym and it didn't take long for him to become my trainer. Since we've met we've really become close and We've been hanging out together a lot.

Then on one random day we see this girl in the gym and we immediately think to ourselves that she's really hot lol. He wanted to ask if she needed a trainer but he was almost to afraid to ask so I convinced him to do it and ultimately she became our friend as well. Now here's the problem. I'm definitely attracted to her but my friend/trainer is also. I took the time to get to know her a bit more today during one of our sessions and she's a really cool girl but i've been trying to hook my friend up with her as hard as it seems.

He asked for her number so they could train and she gave it to him, then today i also asked for her number and she gave it to me as well. I asked her some questions about herself and she proceeded to ask about me as well... and I found out that she's 2 years younger than me (18 and 20) and my trainer is even younger than she is. In the end though, he got pissed off at me because I talked to her more than he did today lol but we're still really good friends. This is a very awkward situation honestly. Any advice? I'm definitely attracted to this girl but I don't want to piss my friend off like that... especially since he's younger than me and i see him like a younger brother in a way.


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  • Well, chances are that she will like you instead of him. How young is he? I mean if he’s like 15 there is zero chance for him. It doesn’t matter. He’s thinking of himself. You should also think for yourself.

    • He's 16... and you're right i feel like I don't think about myself enough at times. I mean i haven't met a girl like her in several years and i think i really like her... I don't know this whole thing is just a mess lol

    • Uh yeah he doesn’t stand a chance. She’ll never see him that way trust me.

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