A break before we date?

This guy I've been talking to and seeing about 5 days out of the week or so for about a month now has asked for a break for a week before we get serious we still talk every day but we aren't going to physically see each other for the whole week is this a bad sign? And also I asked was it me he said no


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why the break? What's the purpose of it? Is he gonna have sex with all the girls he know before he gets serious with you?

    • He said no I told him I wouldn't care if he did bc we aren't together he said he needed space which I respect but if you need a break already I dont think it's a good sign

    • True that. I think its bs

  • Very bad sign


What Girls Said 1

  • I would say that’s a bad sign. But to be fair maybe there’s something going on with his family life that he needs to devote his time to. But I also think he should be open and honest with you. If you’re going to be partners he will need to be 100% honest.

    • the place you live Canada I want to tell you that please send me a private message thank you

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