How do I tell a guy I’ve never been in a serious relationship?

I’ve only been kissed once, I’ve never had sex, and I’m 24. I’ve started seeing this guy (we’ve been on two dates) and nothing physical has happened yet, I know it’s coming but I don’t know how to have this conversation. I’m extremely inexperienced.


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  • You can just tell him. There is nothing wrong with not having been in a serious relationship before. For most guys, this will be no issue at all. If he happens to have an issue with it, count your blessings. You found that he is a jerk, and glad that you found out, before you wasted any more time on him. But any decent guy will understand, and work with you.


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  • Honesty is key, there's no shame in being a virgin, I'm sure that your partner would understand and appreciate the fact. The best way is to let them know :)

  • You are my soulmate.


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