Ladies... is there any possible way to bring up "feminine hygiene" with the woman you're dating x. x?

I feel like the biggest douchebag for even wanting to talk to her about it, but I really want to.. I fucking LOVE going down on a woman, but I'm not gonna lie... she's a little bit gross down there.. like I go to the bathroom and wash up after we have sex bad... god, just saying that makes me feel SO FUCKING MEAN, but I really like her a lot.. aside from that the sex is amazing and we get along perfectly so I'd really rather not let this be a deal breaker :/
We had sex once right after she had a shower and she tasted AMAZING. So I know it's not just how she is normally... aghhh there's gotta be a way to talk about it


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  • Ask her to shower with you! Easy!

    • I really like that idea, but I can't shower with her EVERY time... and she's gonna notice that I'm trying to clean her lady bits xD this might sound mean, but my ex always tasted amazing and perfect... there's gotta be something off here...

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    • Make it part of the foreplay! My guy and I are always in the shower together, even at my mum's home!

    • Her parents aren't as progressive as that... she's not even allowed to spend the night with me.. and she's too shy to be in the shower with me when my family is nearby

What Guys Said 1

  • Take her into the shower before you have sex, rub each other down etc etc. It can be sexy in itself and it will avoid the awkward conversation.

    • That'll work some of the time, but not alll the time. Won't she notice eventually that I want to shower before every time we do it xD

    • I don't know dude. Perhaps you could get her some body spray or something and just tell her that you love the scent of it, especially when you're going down on her. Take the focus off her and onto this particular product in order for her not to become self conscious.

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