Why my girl is behaving like this?

So my girlfriend and me are together since last 1 year and i am noticing a weird change in her behavoiur around me. She will keep staring at me in the public and if i am at work, she will call me again and again and ask stupid questions like when will you come home. She was absolutely fine, but I don't know i am noticing her this weird behaviour since last 2 weeks. Also, she keep touching my hair for no reason and mess them up, i dont stop her bcoz i dont want to hurt her feelings. She is super emotional. I tried to tell her that i love you but you dont have to hold my hand all the time but after that she started crying and her emotional drama and started saying you dont love me anymore and blah blah blah. I dont know what happened to her plzz help


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  • She's is so insecure of herself that she always needs reassurance that you love her and that you want to be with her. It may be a phase.


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  • She's too needy and she don't love herself. I meant she stopped loving herself. If she can't love herself, she can't love you. She just wanted you for her to be accompanied all the time.


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  • daaamn
    she's too clingy (almost stalkish)
    looks like she can't live without you mate

  • You are wrong


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