Lyrics revealing way boyfriend feels about relationship?

My boyfriend and I were friends for years and started dating right after he broke up with his previous girlfriend, a hard breakup which was due to her having to move overseas.

He loves music and finding new songs and stuff.

im worried because in all of his playlists he created since we started dating there is a big majority of songs with lyrics about missin an ex, having to get over an ex with a new person who is not as good, long distance, breakups because of long distance, breakups in general, not being able to be with a person because of distance etc...

if it were just a couple songs I’d be ok, but they are a lot. Should I worry?

i once asked him whether he selected songs because of the melody or also because of the lyrics (i asked in general without bringing this specific issue up) and he told me half half...


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  • You don't need lyrics to know how he feels. Jumping into a new relationship that fast is just wrong, especially if he still had feelings for her. It's obvious you are a rebound. It doesn't necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed right from the start, but you should be aware that he is not over her. Either accept it, deal with it and give it time, or break up. But whatever you decide, just don't be a bitch about. Be understanding and supportive, and don't pressure him. I think what he needs the most right now is a good friend, so try to be one.

    • It’s been a year... and still, he created a new playlist yesterday with songs like that. Maybe it was a rebound at first, but the thing that annoys me is that it’s a year and he doesn’t act like he has a problem win me

    • Oh damn, a year? Yeah that's kinda weird. I don't know, maybe those songs don't really affect him as much, maybe he really just likes listening to them without any particular meaning. I say if is treating you right and you feel he loves you, then there's nothing to worry about. I don't have a playlist about my LDR ex but I also sometimes play those kind of songs that remind me of our good memories. We also broke up due to distance. But I play happy songs usually.

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