A guy I have just met has blocked me on facebook after he changed his relationship status to being in a relationship with me. Why has he done this?

I met this guy online guy and we got on really well. We met up and had a lot of fun, talked loads etc. really quick he said that he really liked me/wanted to get married/have kids etc. He even put his status as 'in a relationship' on facebook and both his friends and family commented on the status change and my friends and family too.
He was really full on, then reduced contact saying he is busy at work. The fact that he blocked me on Facebook is bizarre. I know he has blocked me as I was trying to show someone his picture and it showed up on their PC but not my phone. Why is he being weird? He is a Leo.


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  • You just met him and he wants to get married but he blocked you on FB. What could possibly go wrong here?


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  • Maybe he found out you believe in astrology


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