Would a person keep texting after a date if they aren't interested?

I went on a date and afterwards I told him the reason I was more reserved and basically told him I think he is nice. I was waiting for him to either tell me he doesn't like me or some kind of rejection, but he started acting very weird. He normally is straightforward and sarcastic.

He told me before when someone is too vague he'll either block or ignore that person. So I'm wondering why he keeps talking if he isn't interested.
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  • Do you need affirmation for what you already believe?

  • There could be a lot of reasons as to why you think he's acting "weird" perhaps that he is unsure of if feel for him and wants you to make that known before he decides on whether he wants to progress the relationship or not. Let him know what you're feeling, don't be vague and keep him guessing that could be viewed as you not liking and therefore trying to push him away. Be confident in your decisions, if you are a little more reserved it can be tough to open up right away however relationships are all about taking risks!


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