Does personality only matter if you have the height/looks to back it up, or are short/ugly people just assumed to be bad people?

Girls claim to not be shallow, they're supposedly the gender that care about personality more than looks, but it seems that personality only matters if the guy check off all the boxes on her preference list. Either that or it just so happens everyone she doesn't find attractive is just a bad person.
I guess it's better to risk being hurt by a good looking person than an ugly one?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Personally height matters but that's just my opinion. On the other hand look don't matter as much. I mean if I feel attracted to the guy on an emotional and physical level then I would keep on dating the guy. I've had boyfriends that were chubby, overly thin, large nose, etc. But I don't find it right to judge a person by the way he looks. We are all different so you will find a lot of opinions some you will like other you won't

    • you admit height matters, what about being tall makes them better people or gives them to potential to be good people in a way short guys are just not able to match?

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    • now u are deciding to feel sorry about yourself Like u require mental health grow up man this shit not cool and u will stay single if u don't start waking up

    • @boggboss If i shouldn't be trying to better myself what should i be doing, im confused.

  • If we're generalizing whole genders here, guys only want sex anyway, so why do you care?
    Or are you just trying to say guys in general are any better when it comes to judging females in general based on looks?

    • even if i was generalizing, you didn't answer my question and i don't need to answer the question you asked as it does not apply to me. I'm not generalizing, so if you want to give a actual response, go ahead or if you want to keep pressing this, i won't respond, or you could just walk away since you had no real interest in discussing the topic at hand.

    • Holding the words of some, and the actions of some others, as both speaking for the entire gender is pretty much the definition of generalizing.
      There is no topic if you have to fake it. Using the words of A, and the actions of B, tossing them all into pool C then crying about the contradiction is just stupid. And you damn well know it, or you wouldn't feel the need to post it anonymously.

    • you're acting like i said ALL girls. that's your issue.

What Guys Said 1

  • Both are still important if she don't find u attractive it don't matter how good your personality is she won't see u as a partner

    • so why do girls claim that they aren't shallow and why don't we call them out on it? because they want ugly people to think that their bad people instead of the girl just being shallow about looks

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    • i don't think that

    • Even if i did, i admitted i was wrong and i see the light now

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