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I’ve been dating this guy for a couple of weeks and I freaking love him. He’s wonderful. He’s made me so happy. Such a gentleman! Holds the door open for me, pays for me.. But these past few days we haven’t seen each other because we’re both busy, but he seems to be acting different. I don’t know if I’m loosing my mind or not, but he’s not saying I love you back to me, he’s not replying to me like he was. He replies and sometimes doesn’t, but then will get back to me, but it’s on Snapchat so he’ll just send me a picture with no words. I’m hoping to see him tonight. If not I’m gonna loose my mind. I’ve been through so much and these are things I get paranoid about due to the past. Can someone please help me? I've been shaking all day and have been on the verge of a panic attack.
He use to make time for me regardless of what he had to do, but now he says he’s too busy and how it’s not worth seeing me for a few minutes (EVEN THOUGH HE FUCKING USED TO)


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  • Do you text him a lot?


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  • He probably feels smothered. You've only been dating a couple weeks and your telling him you love him no offense but it seems like your moving way to fast with this guy. Men need time to processes things and be alone sometimes to think. I wouldn't take it personally but maybe your coming off clingy and a bit over bearing for him. If I was you I'd stop messaging him so much and spend sometime with your friends instead till he texts you back.

    • But girl he was the first one that told me he loves me that’s why I’m freaking out

  • Have you been onSocial media lately? people will tell you all of their business they don’t even know who you are they don’t even know you’re there they don’t even know you exist as long as somebody will listen their business is yours!


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