I am not ever good enough for anybody?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 8 months. Even tho I am feeling insecure as ever I love him. I am happy, he calls me beautiful and bae. Out of the blue the other day he called me cute in the car while we hung out. He always asks me how my day is and such. We hang out once a week since he works 3rd shift, we live an hour away. he's from a small town and is a country guy, but chill. He has always paid for me, I met his family (hung out with his sister), I also met his friends. he walks up to the door to get me, we take turns driving to each others towns. He always brings me up when I subconsciously talk bad about myself. I was holding his hand and said "my hands are super small" and he replies with "theyre perfect." He stood on the street side of the sidewalk cause it was more safer for me. He hasn't ever pressured me into sex, I am his second girlfriend. The thing is, he has ADHD. Everything catches his eye, like everything. He gets distracted easily and glances. Is glancing like this normal? Is he gonna meet someone better at this night class he's taking to get his CDL (trucking license) or when he gets a job in trucking is he gonna meet someone on the road? Is he serious about me?
It took us 2 months of dating to even kiss. And he asked me if it was ok.


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  • I think you're the one with ADHD! Jeez, you need to calm down. You sound like you are panicking. Most truckers are under such a tight timeline they have no time for another woman, so I really wouldn't worry about that. Sounds like you are worried your relationship is going too slowly and he is going to get bored. Maybe time to increase it a notch?

    • I know, but is he gonna want another woman? Its not that he doesn't have time for one, but is he gonna want another one?

    • Only if you give him a reason.

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