Should I hang out with him or move on?

I met this guy on an online dating site..he liked my pictures ,so he messages me. We talked for almost a week before we hanged out. Things were going cool we talked about our interest and we had actually had things income like we both in college, and share some of the same hobbies. Anyways one day he said that he was going out to dinner to celebrate something really important to him..but later he still hadn't gone to dinner ,so I asked him about it. Come to find out no one wanted to come to dinner. Everyone canceled on him ,so I felt bad for him and said if I were able to that I would join him in dinner because the restaurant he chose was awesome and he seemed very sweet and genuine. But I said it to make him feel better anyways he asks me to join . then I tried to make up an oh- I'm- broke - excuse ,but that didn't work he was insisted and he said that it was his treat. anyways I finally get there we talked then later he turned out to not be the person that he said he was and now we are just friends...and I had to beg him..that's right beg him just to hangout and to make things worse he invites ALL of his friends . He posted on is facebook begging ANY to come to his house..he doesn't get out often so that could be why.. I don't know .. :(


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  • I'd forget about him and move on.