How often should I text my crush?

So me and this guy I like have been texting since he asked my number. Itโ€™s been good so far, weโ€™ve hung out a couple times, except i know texting too much can lead to the person getting bored/annoyed of the other person. How often should i text him so that he knows Iโ€™m interested but doesnโ€™t get bored/annoyed with me?


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  • Everyone has a different preference for that. I'm sure the 2 of you will find your groove


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  • If you like each other, there's nothing like "texting too much" in my opinion. Do whatever feels right and be yourself.

    I don't think the amount of texts always show whether you're interested or not, but also the quality of the conversation: asking deeper questions, paying attention, showing you care, keep the conversation going, etc.


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