Why does he gets my hopes up and then friend zones me?

Why does he say I'm everything he wants in a girl Like, personality wise and looks wise but still friend zones me? That honestly makes zero sense to me how he'll say I'm his dream girl but, treats me like the homie knowing how I feel.


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  • He's either playing around, isn't actually attracted to you, or sees you as just a friend. What's he say when you ask why don't you two try dating?

    • He's looking for a girl friend r actually. So maybe he lied and doesn't. I'm trying to make sense of this situation

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    • Soooo that might have something to do with it? The fact you two can't physically be together, so yes, he might be attracted to you, and like you, but the reality is most LDRs don't work out, that's perfectly reasonable

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