Girls, when you dress for a date, do you select panties and a bra in hopes that your date will be seeing them later in the evening?

This would get the attention of most guys!
This would get the attention of most guys!
Some girls have confessed to me that they will allow a guy to catch a glimpse of their cleavage or their panties to tease him and try to arouse his interest. And I know that some girls will wear their sexiest lingerie when the expect they will get intimate with a guy later in the evening. How many of you plan that far in advance when you have a "hot date?"
  • No, I select underwear for comfort
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  • No, I wear whatever is on top in the underwear drawer
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  • No, I don't plan sexual activity. I just let it happen.
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  • I select underwear that is pretty because it helps me to feel more confident about myself.
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  • I want to wear nice underwear in case he catches a glimpse, but not because I'm planning for sex!
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  • Yes, I am planning for sex but he won't be seeing that underwear very long!
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  • Yes, sexy underwear is part of the total package of seduction
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