Tips on fixing some "issues" (listed below) in order to be more approachable?

Didn't know how to word the question so let's start. I'm 21, and I have had guys interested in me, I knew of a few in high school that knew we were the same age even though I looked younger, just not many to ask me out. There are some minor things that I've pinpointed that I realize is probably hindering me.

1.) I look younger than I am (petite, skinny, young looking face), so even if I dress in crop tops, mini skirts, bodycon dresses etc. It all looks cute it's just that I still look young. Maybe 14-15 depending on what it is but I usually get the "you look 12" or 13. Don't tell me otherwise because it is all I hear. I believe longer hair makes me look slightly older also.

2.) Resting bitch face, which I don't notice mostly because my face feels normal to me. It's also odd to walk around with a smile plastered on my face most of the time.

3.) I'm a bit shy and awkward more so in an urban environment where there are more people like me or around people I don't know because I just feel out of my element. I have been working on this though, and it's getting better by the day. Especially since I'm no longer letting people's words based off their insecurities brush off on me.

With the whole looking younger thing, I've seen guys check me out. I walked down a busy street (with a crop sweater and distressed jeans) with a neighbor who's 12, even had on a kids shirt. I saw the stares and some Asian (not that it matters) guy even tried to talk to me. I've heard teenage boys talk about my appearance in a good way. I've heard a lot of bad also but this is meant to be about the good. Even though I may get the stares guys still don't approach me. Very few will go out the way to directly compliment me but I have heard some of it through mutuals. Give me all the help you can.


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  • You act as if guys should flock to you just because you are walking around. Try finding a guy with a common interest that you can strike up a convo with instead of seeking out a guy that was ogling you. Don’t act like stink bait trying to catch a catfish, be a josephina fly trying to catch a rainbow trout

    • No I don't act like guys should flock to me but I'm providing an idea of where I am, so you know it can't be much of an issue with my appearance unless it's because I look young.

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  • For a guy to approach you he has to feel invited, & that you want him to approach you, so obviously the resting bitch face doesn't help.

    1. Not much you can do about that, not sure what tips to give.
    2. Same with me, I can't walk around smiling unless i'm with friends having a laugh or whatnot.
    3. As am I, feeling out of your element I can relate to - not sure what to say here as I still suck with this especially too.

    Guys don't want to just straight up come & compliment you, I don't know how realistic it is, but most women who i've talked to would find that creepy or weird, they'd much prefer it to be at a bar, club, social place like that etc.

    I personally wouldn't just go up to a girl & compliment her, that seems too straight forward & a setup for failure/rejection/judgmental words.

  • most guys like the younger looking girls Myself included

  • The only thing you need to work on is that you're shy. Shyness is directly related to confidence. Once you have confidence in yourself, shyness will go away


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