Why are dark skin men and women going against each other?

I've been seeing from dark skin girls mostly almost disowning black men in a senses saying they won't date black guys anymore lately. And I've been seeing the same from black men and I don't get it I cam understand some things from both points of view but I personally feel both sides are being petty and childish. Now for me as a black men I have never dated a black girl and I'm not gonna sit here and lie and act like they would be my first choice when going for a female. But they definitely wouldn't be my last and I'm open to dating black women I'm not gonna not date black girls cause I might not like one In particular that's just ridiculous to me. But how do you guys feel let me know down below.


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  • I’m not totally sure as to why some of that’s going on.. i would have to agree that if there’s a main cause for it, it maybe petty n ridiculous. I’m noticing some being taken fore granted more... not all but some...

    • I personally think both sides are taking each other for granted

    • Like for me my main problem with dark skin women not all but just the ones I've met and interacted with to be very very clear Is there attitude like there were so obnoxius and you no that i can be i very calm and kind person but i kid you not one of these girl deadass almost made me put my hands on her granted i wouldn't lay my hands on a women within reason but she really got me that upset and that's how a lot of dark skin women in my area are loud, obnoxious, rude and I'm just not with that kind of attitude like those are like some major things that turn me off to any women especially being loud and obnoxious

    • and I really had to deal with it most my senior of highschool cause there was this one girl oh god i hated her even tho she was technically a friend but ahe irritated the fuck out of me like there were seriously days where i went in with the mind set that if she said something dumb to me she was getting slapped like no questions asked im smacking the fire out her and that would determine if i had a good rest of the school day or not like does that seem healthy no of course not one person shouldn't determine how the rest of your day goes but that was the second dark skin girl that got me that mad in my highschool experience as i said the first on already

  • In a way you contradicted yourself but yea I don't know how people can not be attracted to their own race. To each their own

  • I didn't think they were against eachother. I feel bad that I don't know stuff like this. What would they go against eachother on?


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