Girls, If u liked him but he annoyed u as he didn’t tell u he liked u for a year, just faffed around & not acting like a man, he sent u this, reject?

You’re getting fed up of his phobias, him telling you about his stressful day etc. And ultimately not telling you he likes you.

The he message is this “I was afraid of telling you but I think it’s just wrong for me to hide it (I think it’s straining our friendship and partly what’s exhausting me too) - I really admire your free independent spirit and your fun personality and you always put a smile on my face whenever we hang out and I really like you. I wanted to ask if you think we could ever develop into anything more than friends? You’ve been a great friend to me and i was afraid of losing our friendship if I told you this as that's the last thing I want so if the answer is no then I really hope we can still be friends. Whatever happens, I will always respect your boundaries.”
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