Is it bad that my boyfriend spends every night with his friends?

he doesn’t have a lot. I’m sure these are some of his good friends

but every. night. For at least a few months, he goes over every night.

Its never occured to him to him to spend time alone with me for a night until I mentioned it, and even so he never did it out of his own will (aka without me having to ask)

he brings me along a lot of the times. But it hasn’t been us (without me asking). Today he legit came home from work, spoke with me for five minutes maybe ten, and left to his friends. He wanted me to tag a long but I was finishing work.

His friends are moving in a in a few months and they’re cool guys but I just worry that it’s a sign that he’s no longer insterested in me.

We do get alone time time but it’s during the day. He does tell me he loves me and he doesn’t get bored of me (but the one time we were alone and had nothing to do, he brought up his friend again). I join a lot but I just, like I said, worry. I’m sad

Is that bad bad that he does this?
Or am I worrying about nothing?


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  • You're worrying about nothing.

    • Can I ask what your reasoning is? LikE why all this is okay?

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    • You’re right and thnk you :)
      I’m not left out so I’ll just let it be

    • You're welcome!

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