Is he talking it slow or just not interested?

First we met on dating app. Then we chatted for 2 weeks (on the phone) until we finally set a date. It wasn't really a date, we just happened to attend the same event, and decide to meet up there. It was great! We spend the whole night together and had sex. Then we continued talking on the phone daily (usually on his initiative). And it's been 2 weeks now of only talking without planning to see each other again. I asked him if he's up for hanging out again and he said he is but that he doesn't know when because he has his exams coming up and needs to study (?). I don't feel like he has a strong desire to see me again. He never even said that he can't wait to see me or something like that. But he does drop hints about future plans. I kinda feel anxious, stuck in this undefined situationship. I'm considering moving on... What do you think?


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  • He probably does have exams then. May as well wait a bit.


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