Telling a girl how you feel - does it ever work?


Same girl as that but if you're too lazy to read that

I care about her more than I do about anyone in the world. I'd do anything I could for her. Like, I just thought of her as a friend at first but the more we hung out, the more I realized that I really like her. In the summer, we used to hang out like every other day after she got off work and the days we didn't, we talked on the phone for hours or texted until we fell sleep. A lot of the time our hanging out was just like watching a movie while laying on my bed but they were some of the happiest times I've had for as long as I can remember.

She makes me happier than anyone else in the world and just talking to her on the phone can cheer me up if I'm having a bad day. With my past girls, when I was talking to them, I would just like zone out and be like "when will she quit talking" but with her, I listened to everything she said. I was interested. Just hearing her voice or feeling her like when she hugged me when she left was enough to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. She's beautiful and even though I've been with girls before, there were days when I thought "eh, she looks... meh" but... I've never thought she looked bad at all. Her eyes are beautiful, she has a cute face, and she's pretty much the prettiest girl I know. She's adorable.

We're talking again but she's got a boyfriend now and it just hurts me so much to know that they're together. I'm friends with two of their best friends and they both say that I'd be better for her and that I'd treat her better, that he's the kind of guy to get with a girl one week and dump her the next for another.

Them being together just hurts me so much... I asked her to hang out yesterday like we used to (first time since we quit talking) and she said she'd have to ask him first. That and the fact that she told her friend that she was gonna spend Xmas with his family (I was there) just made me start crying right after I saw her.

I wanna be with her more than anything. I'd give up my Christmas for it. I know she's with someone right now but... I just don't know

Would just telling her how I feel be a bad idea? I love her more than anything and even though I asked her out on a date and got turned down (why we quit talking. She went on one with him the day before and she only dates one person at a time. I didn't know and she got mad since I asked her after she said she went on one), I seriously do think she had feelings for me and that I just waited too long


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hmmm...well you obviously like her :)

    So what do you have to lose?

    I say tell her & see what happens

    • I'm afraid that if I tell her and it doesn't work, not only would I lose any chance I have of getting with her, I'd lose her as a friend too

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  • Don't tell her, but if the time comes that they break'll be there for her. Yes I know this is the rebound guy, but I think that's the best thing you can do right now. I wouldn't tell her my feelings, especially when she's already in a relationship with another guy.

    • does being a rebound ever last? I don't even care if its like that, I just wish I could get with her

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    • well... She was just on facebook at the same time as me for the first time in months and I didn't say a word to her. I wanted to but since she doesn't have a computer, I'm afraid she might have been at her bf's house.

      Would trying to talk then have been a bad idea?

    • Nah I don't think it's a bad idea, but try to keep it casual. Give her hints that you're still into her but don't seem desperate. It's alright to still talk to her.

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