Friend of mine has his 1st date (kinda) and he asks me for advice... Any help?

So to start off im a kissless virgin. Probably because if i dont play games or take care of horses im programming. So as you can tell my social knowledge is not so good as i would wish for it. Anyway he asked me what to do because he fell in love with bitches a few times in the past and now out of nowhere this girl. Now for some details:
Then been in same school for a year i think.
He took her to cafe recently, now they are going to the cinema to watch slenderman or something.
He has depresion and he is not much social.
I know the guy for a year or so, he is the most chill dude i ever met, the thing that he opened up to me is unexpected because 1) never did anyone open up to ME and 2) He is introvert like hell
I told he is off for a good start and gave him some heads up but i dont know what to do next. So fellow G@gers, i call upon your help, because i dont want him to end up in depresion feeling like shit again. Thanks in advance. Mitinal


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  • Find something more interactive than a movie, something like Bowling or roller Skating. He probably won't know how to derive some clues from her Body language to see if she open for a kiss, so at some Point he should just sit close to her and see how she reacts, look directly in her eyes and smile.


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