Do you guys like it when girls persue you? like she sends the first whatsapp " hi "message?

Their is this really cute guy I met threw a friend when all of went to watch a movie together
We exchanged numbers and we took a alone night walk and talked about everything on the same day only
He looked like he is interested in me but
Today he hasn't messaged me or anything
Should I message him first.
Or maybe I'm thinking to much
I don't wanna look desperate
Messaging him first it's college and that to first year


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What Guys Said 3

  • Sure...

    • Yeah, go ahead and message him- it's innocuous to ask how he's doing.

  • I wouldn't consider saying "hi" like pursuing me... Are you saying that girls literally never text guys unless they're trying to get with them?
    Anyway, most guys like girls who can take initiatives.

    • Please read now Nd tell me

    • "I don't wanna look desperate"
      So do guys, keep that in mind. There's nothing wrong at all with sending a couple of friendly texts to see where things can go with this guy.

    • Thanks 😊

  • I dont mind, but a question usually starts a conversation easier than a statement.


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