What do I do wrong, are these guys just really unattracted to me or am I meeting boys in the wrong way?

So I met probably 7 guys online from dating, i was assaulted by two of them, another two i never heard a thing from again although both still watch my snapchat stories etc, another one of them said he liked me and wanted to get to know me but I felt we didn’t really have much in common and it wasn’t pretty awkward, another one of them i didn’t met from internet dating i met him once irl but our only source of communication after briefly meeting once was social media so let’s count him, he spoke to me the next day a little bit and spoke a little less the next day then started ignoring me completely, and finally the last one I met was really socially awkward, for example the first thing he said to me was “hi I’m having a series of panic attacks” I texted him after saying I had fun and he said “thanks haha”, I didn’t text him all day after that then I realised he blocked me. funny enough while we where outside a group of girls around my age walked past and they laughed and said “oh my goodness what’s she doing with him, she’s stunning and well look at him” I did make a lot of effort with my hair, makeup and outfit and he was wearing a blue raincoat and stained jeans. anyway the point is, what do I do wrong? With every guy apart from the last one I did have sexual encounters with, within the first time of meeting. Could this be why?


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  • Looks like you are picking up one night stands. I don't know tho because if I have a one night stand & I think it was good sex I'd go back for seconds, thirds, etc. Make sure you do everything to the guys you have sex with that makes them happy and satisfied or they might not come back for seconds.


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  • Well, it's because you're Meeting bad People. Lay off Meeting guys online for awhile, and do it IRL instead.


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