Girls, how do guys become your fuck buddy instead of your boyfriend?

  • They have sex on the first date
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  • They have sex with you right after meeting
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  • They ask
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  • They tell you through friends
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  • They basically rape you
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  • Other
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  • Results
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What Girls Said 3

  • They're trustworthy, attractive and all around fun to be around but there is no romantic connection.

    • So how does it start? Do they just come to your house and start making out with you?

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    • What an awkward

    • Lol no, not at all

  • I have recently entered a sexual relationship with no strings attached. But we both agreed for safety that we will not have sex with other people. He isn’t my boyfriend tho.
    I haven’t had sex in two and a half years and my vibrator wasn’t doing me justice anymore so I decided to have sex again but for a short period of time. So this is probably gonna last a month.
    I decided to choose a friend who I trust because random sex is unsafe, plus I’d really like my needs to be met on a consistent basis. My friend has had a sexual Interest in me for some time and I know that he is clean. After we are done with the sex part, that’s it for me. No more until I get EXTREMELY horny again... which will probably be another two years give or take a few months 😂
    Sounds weird but hey, that’s me☺️💕

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