Have anyone dated a guy/girl with a fairly new baby?

I'm in a situation where I honestly don't know wheather to say or leave. I've dated this guy we hit it off tremendously, we had a slip up and I got pregnant had an abortion & it was something I felt very guilty about he was very supportive in any decision I made but I knew neither one of us were ready. A couple months passed & we parted ways but later on ran into each other years later & reconnected. He told me that he was expecting his first child, and would understand if I just want a friendship with him. We started communicating again & of course feelings flourished again, & now I'm stuck. He take cares of his responsibilities as a father & have a co parent relationship with his daughters mother... I'm just in my feelings about the whole situation being as our past situation.


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  • That is a tough situation. If you like him then keep seeing him.


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