What should I do about this?

a girl I like has apparently planned to take another guy out this weekend Friday Saturday Sunday (she told me this herself).

i like the girl and have no idea what to do about this. What reason does a guy who left the city have to be invited out on a date by a girl? What is her thinking by telling me what she’s doing.
so the response is to ditch her and move on.
any more opinions?


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  • It might just be a friend
    Or someone she knows
    Or even a girl
    Don't worry about it

    • It’s a friend, but she indirectly showed me a bar on our walk home and when I saw it I told her I like this place and that’s when she said she’ll be taking her guy friend visiting here this weekend. I then realised she intentionally walked me past that bar and she also said the guy is planning to come back to the city. I know what she’s doing (sigh) but I don’t know if ignoring all this will have her lose respect for me. The only thing I could do was show her three things that I like her, first I touched her playfully on her bicep and she reacted playfully, I also skimmed her butt and said sorry that’s my fault, and then I told her how when I look at her I look at her hair because I like her natural hair colour. She paused for a brief moment to think. I couldn’t do much else.

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    • Be a, man and tell her everything

    • she cancelled a trip to the gym (i couldve told her then) and said she's going to find another gym, if she invites me to it then i will.

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  • What do you do? ditch her immediately, that's what. She's told you that you are not her first choice. If a girl tells you that, and you still go out with her, you communicate low value, low options, questionable boundaries, and questionable self esteem.

    It's a different matter if you didn't know, but she spelled it out for a reason... shit test.

    • I haven’t asked her out tho. Ok so you think I should just stop communicating with her and not go anywhere with her again?

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    • LOL, well I did say that often they chase more when you ignore them... guess she's busy doing that. She probably asked you in front of everyone for that exact reason. However, regardless, I never give women yes / no or direct answers anyway. Not sure what you should do in this case since she could cause problems at work.

    • Hmm well she came back to me and cancelled and now I feel much happier. To do what she did in the workplace was never going to get an honest response from me so she's clearly a bit thick. My body language was the opposite of happy to see her, I didn’t give her much eye contact, I smiled cheekily and looked at her when she told me that she got refused entry to the gym. When she came back to me she must’ve felt I’d ghost her and it has made me feel a little attracted because she showed some kind of intelligence and. I’m not changing the fact that she is in the ignore zone.

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