Are there other minority women who don't date White men?

I don't date white men and would never.

I liked a white guy who was really, really sadistic and narcissistic.

He'd compare me to rich, white blonde women. It upset me.

He judged me for dropping out of high school to obtain my GED to get into the trades faster. Although, I could have went to college.

He likes to pick on lower class people (especially women), I believe.

I didn't like trade school because of the whole union non union thing. I didn't have any ideas to start my own business, so I just decided to prepare to go to medical school.

Let me tell you, this pissed him off even more. He'd lie and say mean things about me to his friends and family who attacked me for it.

He'd be like that white girl is more focused and independent than you. Mind you, these women have it easier. Not complaining about anything.

They literally went to a private school that garunteed them entrance to any undergrad university they wanted to go too and have lots of support from their family.

I have support too, but I'm a first generation college student.

I want to break the generational curses in my family so I've decided to remain celibate until marriage, continue with my education and not date until I'm done with residency.

I will never date a white guy again because they're disrespectful and don't respect where people come from.

I came from a small town with lots of poverty and gang banging. It was dangerous.

My dad died of AIDS and health problems from drinking, drugs and AIDS. My mother is disabled and suffer from lots of mental illness.

I couldn't believe someone would be so mean to purposely try to knock me down. And for what?

I thought I was the kind of girl men respected and married. Not treated like crap.

Anyways, after a year of battling with my issues on my own I really told my mom what happened. She told me in order to be a good doctor I would have to become numb to these situations and ignore these kinds of people.

I would only date a minority male like me.


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  • Sad that one bad relationship got you thinking like that.


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