Dating with tinder guy?

I told with a guy on dating apps and have sexted sometimes even I didn’t met him in real life. He asked me to hang out a couple time but he always made excuse in the last minutes. I was so upset about him. And he said he wanna talk with me. But for me, I thought he only want to play with me and I also text him about that.
First, he add my instie, my fb, even get my # and then he blocked me on story of Instagram. I asked him why he did that and he said he has low self-esteem and insecure. So I stop talking to him, and after 2 days, he txted me and said I miss you. I know I should move on. What should I deal with this guy. I mean I could block him but if I do that, it’s just like the same thing he did to me.


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  • Keep trying to talk to him.

    • He ignores me so many times. Whenever I start a deep conversation, he just seen my message. And he text back to me a next couple day. Why I should stay with a person who don’t want to deserve me.

    • Good point

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