If neither of us has reached out in a while does that mean I've been ghosted?

I'll preface this by saying, we aren't dating we are friends with benefits. We had been talking one night and he said that he had been feeling under the weather and wanted to get a handle on his health so he wasn't going to be in touch as often as he had been. Later in the week he messaged me to see if I was busy, I was so we didn't end up hanging out. I reached out to him a few days later and we made plans. Somehow we miscommunicated and I thought I was supposed to come over, but he wasn't home when I got there. I sent him a text or two and left after 15 minutes. He messaged me back a bunch of times apologizing over and over again. I was upset with him and said I needed a break. Then he apologized some more and came over to my place the next day. We hung out. He told me his best friend had just broken up with his girlfriend of two years so he had been out with him the night before trying to cheer him up and he apologized again. After he left my house he sent me a good night text but now I haven't heard from him in two weeks. Did he ghost me or is he actually busy? Should I reach out or leave him to reach out to me? In the meantime I've reopened my dating profile because I miss having a SO
I didn’t make him apologize he just did and he kept doing it, so idno if he thinks I’m still mad but we hung out the next day. I’m just wondering if I should reach out or not. I like him I miss his friendship.


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  • leave him.. he has ignored you...

    well i want to know about you.. I am interested. if you want to chat just follow my profile ;)


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  • How can a friends with benefits be construed as a significant other? All he was in my opinion was a fuck buddy. To me it seems like you ghosted each other. How many times does a guy have to apologize? You told him you needed a break so he may be giving you one. I think you should just write it off and cut your losses. You seem to be at cross purposes.

    • I didn’t make him apologize more he just did. And I thought after he came to my house everything was good. Do you think he’s just avoiding me because I was upset the night before we hung out? And I wasn’t saying he was my SO I just said I miss having one I wanted him to be it but i was fine with friends with benefits too

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    • I know he’s not interested in me that way. He’s made that excessively clear. I still miss him though

    • And he once said he would date me if I lived closer and then a few days later he said he needed a break but he still messaged me that week and then the thing I told you about happened the week afterwards. So he’s obviously not really interested

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