Have you ever been stood up? did you give them a second chance after?

I wouldn’t give her a second chance to explain why she ghosted or stood me up.
I want more answers to this question actually.
Thanks all x


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  • Technically yes. The guy asked me out over text. He was a friend of a friend. He had the day and place picked out but when I asked what time he never replied. I moved on. Never heard from him again. Since it was during my very first year of college when I was 19. I think he was in a bet to ask me out and if I said yes then he got the money. That kind of thing.

  • I’m not sure. What would be considered being stood up?


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  • I did once - met a guy online - wanted to meet in person - he didn't show up - then texts asking if I want sex saying if I plan on having sex he will show up. At the time I was early 20s and didn't know the internet is a bad place to meet new people.

    • And I thought the internet now is bad

    • There has always been evil people looking for an opportunity. I think they are more vocal and unrestrained now.

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