Girls, I Confessed to my crush on summer school break but she said she already knew What to do? does she like me?

I am in love with a girl who is my good friend, we talk most of the time in school (College) N we are in the same class, most of the time she discusses her love life to me and comes to me for advice. as time went by i found that i was always thinking of her whether am in school or home she is on my mind. lol so i decided to confess to her over the summer via (Whatsapp) text. I told her i liked her yep and she said she knew... i didn't ask how she felt about me because i didn't want our current relationship to change so quickly... we still talk as usual only that she doesn't come to me to talk about other guys who she think she likes... Nd since school is on break we only speak through text :(... my heart is troubled :( {}{}{}{}{}{}{} spoke to her recently and she said looking forward to seeing me in school... i dont know if she likes me and my ballz ain't man enough to ask. what to do? i have been in relationships before but... i think i am in love this time...


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