Need an honest opinion about this girl im hanging out with?

So during spring time before I graduated, started chatting up with this girl. We've seen each other at school for 2 years just never really chatted. Before the school year ended, I did ask her out, to which she basically said "I'll have to decline". Still chatted afterwards, since as a person i did like her. I found her on facebook and added her. We chatted a bit, and pretty much same day met up for coffee. At that point I had a plan to move to another state for school, so while we were seeing each other, I was still trying to date her, to which she asked me about why I was doing all this stuff with her. I answered her question with basically just kinda going with the flow of things, and making the best out of the time I had left, whether she wanted to date me or not.
I go check out the school, and decided not to go there. I get back home and ask her to hang out, to which she says there would be some boundaries, and no physical contact at all. i got the vibe, and many others did that she just kind of hanged out with me solely for the reason that i was leaving. I didn't talk to her for a few days afterwards, and then decided to be the bigger person and patched things up with her.
We still hanged out after that point. The entire time she's still repeating she's not interested in me, and does not want to date me.
Come Sunday, and we somehow got into the conversation of her wanting me to fuck her. She pretty much set up a meet for this last Monday. She came over, and i fucked her ass, she wasn't down for vaginal, for her reasons. Said it was a one time deal, and she's still not interested in dating me.

I'm just confused as to why she would say she's not interested, backs away when i try to put my arm around her when we hang out, or when i try to hold her hand, but yet sets up a meet for me to fuck her.

Is she interested and just doesn't know what to do about it? is she just playing mind games?
Should i stick with this, or just say fuck it and move on?


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  • She probably doesn't want to get hurt emotionally. holding hands or putting your arm around her can be more intimate to other girls as silly that may sound to you versus fucking her ass. you made it seem as though you're just wanting to chill and perhaps screw around before moving to another school. Maybe she feels as though you're not looking for anything exclusive hence the reason it's a one time deal. If you want more and is serious then talk to her. If not dont even try to mess with her in my opinion.

    • No i told her id prefer to date her, and would like to date her, she doesn't seem to be interested though.

    • I would just ask her and it might be because of the distance. Maybe she doesn't think it will last due to that.

    • When people move away to different states, it can be hard especially when school is involved too. I would honestly ask if you're still interested or move on.

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