Why do they do that shit?

Why do women always ask for good guys, get them shit on them and when they say fuck it they turn around and say we ain't shit. Well guess what bitch YOU MADE US THIS WAY!!!


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  • Why are you projecting because of a few women?
    I know it can be rough. There most certainly are plenty of women that aren't worth the effort and the way they are wired makes it really difficult to want to find a partner, but you do it anyway because deep down, you know there's a good one for you out there somewhere.


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  • The girls you're talking about actually don't want good guys. I've had two girls admitting to me they liked guys who didn't give a fuck about them.
    I advise you find a girl who values you for the qualities you have, and who doesn't devalue you for the ones you don't have.

  • why waste your time on women, get a sex robot, toss one off, use a call girl once a month, and focus on you. Achieve what you want without all the BS of a relationship holding you back.


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