Is it safe to say?

At this point I feel it's safe to say Nice guys are always going to finish last and I'm not in the business of finishing anything In last place. So my question is why do women beg for nice guys then shit on them?
I'll never understand it.


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  • Not necessarily

    I'm order to succeed in all aspects of your life, being nice is paramount. As long as you're assertive as well , and you set boundaries with people.. If you don't, people will take advantage of you.

    Being nice doesn't mean you have to always say" yes "or be a pushover.

    Being too nice I'd only a weakness if you allow other people to manipulate you, and take advantage of your nice nature

    In general, I'd consider myself a nice person. But some people never see my kindness and compassion. I'd don't extend it to everyone.

    So I'm more assertive with some people than others. I'm nicer to some people more than others. It depends on who they are as a person


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